Make a Sewing Kit

Sewing School Camp is in session!  It's been a busy and fun week!  We have more than 40 campers ready to sew.

On the first day, we made shoebox sewing kits to hold our supplies and works in progress.  This is the first time I had made boxes like this and it's a keeper idea.  The kids are more organized and know where their projects are.  Plus, they are super cute!
We used vintage sewing patterns and fabric scraps to decorate the boxes. Watered down glue and paintbrushes made everything stick!  The boxes dried overnight and were ready to go the next day.
I love how the boxes reflect the personal style of the campers.
To practice key sewing skills, the kids learned how to thread needles and made a Hold My Needles Book and pincushion from Sewing School.  
 These quick and easy projects were the perfect way to start camp and have the necessary supplies to start sewing.
These kits are so perfect!  I look forward to making them with my next group of young sewers.

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