Luggage Tag for Dad!

During Sewing School Camp we made these great Luggage Tags for Father's Day gifts.  They are pretty quick and I think Dads everywhere need one!  I was inspired by the adorable leaf luggage tag in Stitch Love by Mollie Johanson.

So, get to sewing!

Materials Needed:
*cotton fabric
*sewing supplies
*clear vinyl  (I used lightweight vinyl I found at WalMart)
*eyelet setters and eyelets (We used 1/4 inch)
*thin ribbon

My tag is a rectangle that measures 5 x 3-1/2.  But, you can make it whatever shape you want. You want to cut out a window for the name tag to show through.  Make sure you leave some sewing room along all the edges.  I set mine towards the bottom of the tag to make sure I had room for a slit and an eyelet.

 Directions - Go around the photo...

1.  Trace the tag pattern onto cotton fabric.  You don't have to trace the window.
2.  Trace the tag pattern onto felt.  Trace the window!
3. Cut out both pieces of fabric.  Cut out the window on the felt piece.
4.  Cut a piece of vinyl a little larger than your window.  Handsew the vinyl piece around the window.  Be careful, this can be a bit tricky to get started, especially for younger sewers.  (At camp, I precut the vinyl pieces for the kids)
5. Now, fold the felt piece in half and cut a slit right above the window stitches. This will make a pocket to slide the name tag into.
6.  Put the cotton and felt piece together.  Good sides facing out.
7.  Sew all around the edges of the luggage tag. 
8.  Add an eyelet to the top of the tag.  We used a setter like this one and the kids loved to hammer in the eyelet!

9.  Cut a piece of ribbon 12 inches long and thread it through the eyelet. Tie ends together.

You can slide a cute note into the luggage tag too!  I found that an index card cut in half was a perfect fit.

These would also be super for a kids' bag or a gift for someone else.  I know we'll be making them in Sewing Club next year for sure!

Happy Dad's Day!

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