Tiny Fabric Tray

These Tiny Fabric Trays are so cute!  I've been whipping up about a million of them and can't wait to make them with kids at camp next week.  The original idea came from A Spoonful of Sugar via Wild Olive.  After making one with my daughter, we quickly realized that the layers of fabric and batting was a little complicated for young sewers who are not the straightest sewers in the world.  Enter, a simpler kid-friendly version with felt as the stabilizer.

I made a pattern that is 5x5 inches with a center square that is 2.5x2.5 inches.  Trace around both squares on felt.
Next, trace around the big square only on cotton fabric.  
Cut out around the big square only.  You can still see the chalk lines from the center square.
Put the fabric together so that the good sides are facing out.  You should be able to see the center square and the cute pattern of your cotton fabric.
Stitch around the outer edge of the big square using a whipstitch.  Stitch around the center square using a running stitch. The center square will make a base for your tray.
Time to make the corners and sides! Pinch a corner so that the sides touch.  Run your needle through just a little below the point.
Sew through the fabric a few times so that it will hold tight.  Be sure to knot off before you cut the thread.  Repeat for all 4 corners.

You can make Fabric Trays using any size of square.  It also can be machine sewn, but you should hand sew the corners.  Oh, you can also make a felt-only tray.  Just sew around the center square and make the corners.  It takes like 5 minutes!
Yay for the Tiny Fabric Tray!  What will your tray hold?!

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