Off to Squam!

So, I'm kinda giddy because I'm going to be going to Squam in just 2 days! It's a dream to hang out on the dock, craft, and take classes from teachers like Maya and Cal.  Giddy I tell you!

Also, I'll be selling Sewing School books and handmade goodness for kids at the Squam Art Fair on Saturday night.  If you are up that way, you should check it out.  It sounds amazing and I can't believe I'll be there too. 

So, enough raving.  Here are some of the things I'll have for sale at the fair.  I even got one of those Square thingys for credit card sales.  I'm feeling very official right now.

Sewing School kits with all the supplies you need to start sewing.

Zoom Zoom mats for your little racer.

Moo! mats for the little farmer in your life.

Crayons-a-go-go are so handy.  You need one at all times.

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