Squidget! for Sew a Softie 2019

Happy Sew a Softie Month! I'm excited to join in with other kid-friendly makers across the globe to share original stuffie patterns that you can make with and for children. For more information and a list of tutorials, visit the amazing Sew a Softie organizer Trixi at Coloured Buttons. 

What's a Squidget you ask? A squishy fidget of course! Last school year I had some students who needed fidgets to help them focus and remain relaxed during whole group learning times. After a few trials and errors and some input from my students, the Squidget was born. They worked like a charm and kept the kids focused, calm, and engaged.

These little guys pack a big punch. Taking a cue from taggie blankets for babies and toddlers, these hand-sized pillows have a variety of ribbons and textures built in for sensory play. The bonus is a marble tucked into the middle of the Squidget for the ultimate squishy fidget experience. We stitched up some Squidgets at camp and the kids loved them and enjoyed finding the trims and ribbons that felt best to them.

OK, let's make a Squidget! Materials needed:
*fleece or other soft fabric
*a variety of ribbons, lace, elastic, and trims
*a marble
*poly-fil for stuffing
* hand sewing supplies (yes, you can machine sew them if you want)

Cut two pieces of fabric into the same sized squares that will fit into the palm of your hand. Ours were about 3 inches. Start sewing along one side. Lay the first ribbon between the two layers of fabric.

Keep sewing, taking care to sew the ribbon down tight. After you sew on a ribbon, it's best to give it a little tug to make sure it's stitched well.  Keep sewing around the Squidget and adding more ribbons and trims until you get to the last side.

After sewing up three sides, stuff the Squidget halfway then add a marble. Add more stuffing until you like the way it feels. Stitch up the last side adding a final ribbon.

Squish and fidget away!

In true Sewing School fashion, you can make it your own by adding a face, stringing a few beads along one of the trims, changing the shape, or adding additional marbles.

Happy Sew a Softie Month!

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