Go for the Gold! Olympic Softie

We have Olympic fever over here at Sewing School HQ! As part of this year's Sew a Softie tutorial hop, organized by Trixi at Sew a Softie, we thought it would be fun to make our own softie medals.

While you may not be a super swimmer or the fastest person on Earth, these softie medals allow you to win in activities where you shine. Maybe you'll win the softie medal in pancake eating or whistling or sewing! Kids can choose their strengths or make them for friends and family. No matter what, everyone is a winner!

If you are familiar with the Stuffie project from Sewing School, the process is the same. For a simple medal, draw your design on a light color fabric. We found that the Cookie Coin Saver pattern from Sewing School 2 is the perfect size for a medal. For coloring, you can use crayons or markers. Taping the edges of the fabric to the table, makes for smoother drawing onto fabric.

 Next, cut out the circle shapes. We used felt for the baking.

With good sides facing out, sew the 2 sides together, leaving a hole for stuffing. You can machine sew too.

Stuff your medal with polyfil or small scraps, then sew it closed. Add a ribbon. Be sure to sew on the ribbon securely. 

Wear your medal with pride! 

Instead of drawing on your medal design, you can use felt and thread to stitch it on. The possibilities for this project are endless!

Happy Sew a Softie month!  What will you medal in??


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