Book Pocket

For our first day of camp, we all made a simple Book Pocket.  What a clever way to keep your books and other bedtime necessities handy.  The pocket has a long top that tucks in between your two mattresses.

The inspiration is from Annabel Wrigley's new book We Love to Sew - Bedrooms.  In it, she has a machine sewn book pocket that is just adorable.  Since we wanted to start off the week with a simple handsewing project, we decided to make ours a little more simply.

Our fabric is large decorator sample fabric squares that were donated to me.  They are beautiful fabrics with serged edges, so there is no need to worry about fray!
The pockets are smaller samples that fit nicely onto the bottom of the main piece.  Position the pocket about 2 inches or so from the bottom of your main fabric piece and sew around three edges, leaving the pocket open at the top.  Now, tuck it between your mattresses and add your favorite book!
The kids enjoyed making this satisfying project in just one day.
If you don't have decorator fabric on hand, you can certainly make it with any kind of fabric.  Felt would work well here too. 
Early finishers enjoyed making a simple scrappy bookmark to add to their book.  Happy reading!

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