Sewing School 2 Blog Tour Recap: Week 1

I hope you've been keeping up with the Sewing School 2 Blog Tour - it's been so much fun!  Before this all started I have to admit that I was a wee bit nervous.  I mean, the bloggers on the tour are some of the best out there, many of whom I read on a daily basis myself.  The reaction to the book has been amazing!  The projects are working, kids are sewing, moms are "getting" the book!  I love seeing how each sewer made the projects their own and really got into the spirit of the book.

In case you missed a few stops, or just want to relive this wondeful week, like I do, here's a little recap for you.  (all photos are taken from the original blog post)

**All of the blogs are also giving away a copy of the book.  Many of the giveaways are still going on, so stop by and enter to win!**

Our Busy Homeschool - Triston is a busy homeschooling mama with 8 kids (she had a new little boy just a few days ago!).  I love how she just gave her kids some fabric, a sewing machine, and the book and told them to create.  The marriage of the Art-To-Go-Go project with the ehold bag is genius! 

scrumdilly-do! - Jessica and her adorable friend Za whipped up the ehold bag using some cute owl fabric.  The post takes you through the sewing process from looking at the book to the final product, which is nice to see.  As a teacher, I am a big fan of scrumdilly-do! and always find so many crafty ideas and inspiration there.

Crafty Moms Share -  Love this pink and purple microphone!  Here, Carrie does a great job of sewing with a younger child who wants to use a machine and sew, but is not quite there yet.  She had fun modifying the projects and even made one for a gift.

Jane of All Trades -  I love the cute fabric used for the Art-to-Go-Go!  It was fun seeing her daughter get excited about sewing and even pack her sewing machine for vacation.  Roselee also introduced me to these awesome looking pens for marking fabric - can't wait to get my hands on some.

WindyLou -  WindyLou's teenaged kids had fun with the book.  They each made a project independently.  I was happy to see that the books appealed to older kids as well.

Adventures of a DIY Mom - Rachel does a great job of explaining how she sewed with kids of various ages.  From the independent 11 to the almost 6 year old, each one was successful with the book.  That Sleepy Bear is just too cute!

 Improv Diary - Nicole's son Harry made a super Snack Time bag, a perfect first project.  I love how we get to go through the project with him.  As a fellow Storey author, I was excited to hear about what Nicole thought about Sewing School 2.  While we have never met, we share an editor and passion for sewing with kids. 

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