Crafty Playdate

Frankie had a sweet friend over for a playdate.  After playing fireman and running around like crazy, they asked to sew.  You know I love that!  They looked through Sewing School 2 and decided on the Extra Pocket and Belt which was perfect because Frankie has been obsessing over fanny packs lately (don't ask).

These kids are 5 years old.  I thought you might like to see how I sew more advanced projects with younger kids.  It's a mix of independence and help.  Frankie has been sewing with me for awhile, but this was his friend's first time.  Throughout the process, we referred back to the book to see what to do next.  I was pleased to see that they could really "read" the step-by-step photo directions.
I traced the pattern and they each cut out their pockets from felt.  They decided to make 2 pockets each, one for each side.  I mean, the book says to "make it your own," right?!
 I manned the machine, but they helped by pressing down the foot pedal.  I just give the simple commands of "go" and "stop!"
Picking out the buttons was very fun and once they were chosen, the buttons were handsewn onto the pockets.  Frankie could sew his own buttons, but needed help with knots while I held the fabric and guided the needle for his playdate.
 Threading the belt through the pockets.
 As soon as the kids were done, they headed outside for adventure and collecting!

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