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I've had several queries this summer about using the projects from the Sewing School books in a camp, club, workshop, scout group, or school.  When Andria and I dreamed up Sewing School, we were hoping that others might begin to use the books while sewing for kids.  I mean, we began the whole thing because we weren't satisfied with what was out there ourselves! 

I thought it might be helpful to have my answers all in one place for easy access to others who might be wondering the same things.
Can I copy the patterns in Sewing School to use with my group?
Yes!  We like to make our copies on cardboard or cardstock so that they will hold up better.  Another tip is to color code the patterns if you will be using several different ones.

Does everyone in my group need to own a copy of Sewing School to teach a project from it?
No!  You can make copies of the pattern and share the directions with kids.  We tend to just model the directions verbally when teaching a group.

How can I get everyone in my group a copy of Sewing School?You can have students purchase the book at a local retailer or online OR if you would like to purchase a group of books from Storey directly for your group the contact information is:
Tel: (800) 827-7444 ext 2122
Fax: (800) 865-3429

Can I link to your blog?
Yes, please!

Can I post projects my group made from your book on my blog/facebook page?
Yes, please!  We also love for others to post projects made and inspired from Sewing School on our facebook page.

Can I use the Sewing School name in my group name?
While you may state that the projects from your group will be using the Sewing School books as your curriculum, you will want give your group its own name.  I mean, it's yours!

Can I sell items I made from Sewing School?Yes!  If you are able to, we'd love to have you mention that the pattern came from Sewing School.

For more tips about sewing with a group in general, please reference the section about group sewing in the back of each Sewing School book as well as the blog posts about camp and machine sewing.

I hope that answers most general questions.  If you have more, please ask!  Andria and I are so happy to see so many out there sewing with kids!  Once you start, you'll see how easy and rewarding it is.

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