Worth Repeating

T is for Tea Party
Since I blog a lot about what's going on in my classroom, I am in serious danger of repeating myself.  I mean, I try to be an innovative teacher and introduce new materials, arts, and information, but sometimes, when an activity or lesson is really good, it's worth repeating.
Finding seeds
This year, I have found myself excitedly taking pictures, writing text in my head, and organizing a blog post in my brain only to realize that I already blogged about it.  I tell myself that I have new readers and information to share, but mostly, it's the same.
Ocho the Soctopus
I find that blogging is not only a way for me to share and document my activities and goings on, it also helps me to remember.  So, I have started a new section on the sidebar called "Worth Repeating."  These will be sewing projects, activities, ideas, recipes, tutorials, etc. that I am doing again and have already blogged about.  This way, if you want to remember as well, you can.  If you don't, you don't have to.  I'll change it a lot.  Yes, it happens that much.

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