What's the Weather?

We had a lesson on weather recently and made these little weather tellers.  I'm not sure what you call these things.  Anyway, the kids loved them and they turned out super sweet.  We hope that the addition of the string will encourage the kids to put them up at home and continue to use them.

Make them too:
paper plates or circles - we used small plates
arrows - we made some using Word and then the kids cut them out (ours say "Today is" on them)
yarn or string

Due to time restraints, we went ahead and divided the plate into 4 sections.  We also punched a hole at the top and added string.   Kids could definitely do these steps, though.

They drew a type of weather in each section - we did sunny, rainy, snowy, and cloudy.  Flair pens and crayons were at the tables and most kids chose to draw with the Flairs and color in with crayons - the result is very nice.

Once they were done with the drawing, they cut out an arrow and we helped them to put it in the middle with a brad.
After making the weather tellers, the kids got into small groups and played "What's the Weather?"  They gave each other clues about the weather like "I am so hot and wearing sunglasses."  Then, the other player would move the arrow to the sunny weather.  Some of the clues were very tricky!
Oh no, better get your umbrella, it looks like rain!

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