Backpack Tag

Well, folks, it's that time of the year again - yep, school starts next week here in Memphis. I am busy scrambling around trying to get it all together and squeeze in a few more trips to the pool. It is still so so hot here!

To welcome students to Kindergarten, the teachers always have a little gift waiting for the kids. In the past, my gifts have been more reminiscent of party favor bags - full of junk that no one really wants. This year, I had an epiphany in the Dollar Store - backpack tags! Something useful. My class is called the "Brilliant Bugs" so all the tags are labeled with the class name and the student name. Of course, we also had to make them for everyone we know.

I wanted the tags to be easy to make, clear to read, and cute. After many tries and deliberation, the Kindergarten team came up with this beauty. They are backed with oil cloth and laminated.

Here's how you can do it too. They would make great classroom or party gifts.

1. Design and print out wording on card stock. I got 6 to a page.

2. Use spray adhesive to stick to oil cloth. We found that with copy paper, the adhesive bled through.

3. Cut out paper and oil cloth together.

4. Laminate with a thicker laminate. This is sometimes card "hard lamination." Make sure a space is between each tag. (We used Kinko's and while the outcome was OK, we were not pleased with the service or the spacing they put between the tags.)

5. Cut out leaving an edge of lamination.

6. Punch hole and add ribbon.

Let everyone know which bag is yours!

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