When people ask me about blogging, I always say it's a way for me to document what I'm doing and share ideas. Like an on-line scrap book, but more interactive. You may have noticed that I really like to post about what's going on in my classroom - not only to share ideas, but so that I have a record of what we did. My class just completed a big unit on Animals of the Arctic Regions. This week, I plan on sharing the hightlights from our learning with you. Maybe there's something in there you can use. And as always, I'd love to hear what you think.

Here are some of my favorite teacher blogs where I find great inspiration and enjoy peeking inside of their classrooms:

itty bitty love
Montessori Mama
Deep Space Sparkle
Art Projects for Kids
The Moveable Alphabet
My Montessori Journey

I realized as I got this together, that all my favorite sites are either Montessori or art related. I teach neither. I teach kindergarten in a traditional school setting, but draw ideas from these sources. From having read several Montessori teacher blogs, I now find myself organizing and setting up projects in a similar way.


JC said...

Hello. I am curious as to where you actually teach since each of you have different occupations. In a home, or do you use a classroom after school? I would love to teach kids how to sew one day. :-)

Amie Plumley said...

Hi JC - I can see how you might be confused about what we're doing. We get confused sometimes too! Amie teaches kindergarten full-time at a private school and Andria is a full-time journalist. During the summer, we teach a sewing summer camp at Amie's school together - that's how this blog got started. Amie also teaches an after school sewing club at her school. You should look into summer camps and after school programs for opportunities to teach kids to sew - you're needed!

Tally said...

Hi, thanks for your "documentation". I should look more often. I'm an elementry school teacher with many hours dedicated to craft/wood/needles (unluckyly this might end this summer). Besides other things I also teach sewing in 6th grade.
Sometimes I also document it in my blog but more often it takes up too much time - or I think it is too basic *lol*
Hello from Hamburg

Amie Plumley said...

Hi there Tally,
It sounds like you're doing some fun stuff in your class. I know it seems very mundane, but I think that as educators, we all gain much inspiration from what others are doing. It's so easy to get caught in a rut! I'd love to see your "documentation".

Andria Lisle said...

Andria here. Sometimes I wish I'd followed the educational path to become a teacher. I love witnessing the creativity these kids have firsthand -- and I still have so many great memories of my own elementary school teachers. I guess I spend a lot of my time living vicariously through Amie!