Pineapple Softie

Yay!  Today is Sewing School's day to share a tutorial for Sew a Softie Month.  We decided to make a pineapple softie.  This little guy is cute, fun, and fast to stitch up!  While we're sharing it here, we'll also be making them with kids from our school's camp this afternoon.

As an official Sew a Softie Kid Ambassador, Frank wanted to make a video tutorial.  (Full disclosure - this was my first video to make, so it's kinda rough. BUT, we had fun making it, so look for more video tutorials in the future.)

Pineapple Stuffie pattern - print the picture on a full sheet to get the right size, or create your own.

Happy Sew a Softie Month!  If you make a pineapple softie or any other Sew a Softie projects, please share and tag #sewasoftie.

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trixi said...

Great tutorial Frank. Let me know when you come to Sydney and you can make some tutorials for my softies too!!