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Look what's cooking in the Bug Cafe! I am excited to begin to incorporate more cooking in my classroom this year. With a kitchen set-up and goal, it should become a part of the routine instead of something special. Also, I want to cook "real" food that is healthy and tastes good - not just silly treats that use a lot of frosting and look like a butterfly or polar bear. Although, admittedly, most of the cooking the kids will do independently will be considered snacks.

To help get things "cooking" (sorry, I had to) I've been looking at:

Pretend Soup - My favorite kids cook book. Plus, there is a helpful teacher guide.
Montessori Services - I am so loving their little activities for peeling a carrot or slicing a banana.
Sew Liberated's Montessori Child's Apron - The most perfect kid's apron. Now I just need to time to make some.

I would appreciate any links, ideas, recipes, etc. that you have. With this, I am looking forward to adding a new tag "cooking in the classroom" to the blog.


youthlarge said...

i loved pretend soup and stone soup as a kid. many of my favorite kindergarten and early elementary school memories involve cooking, surprise, surprise. making thanksgiving dinner (i remember trying to cut carrots with a plastic knife, not easy!), brining pickles, baking bread.

this was one of my first cookbooks. it's for kids a little older than your students but i'm sure there are recipes that can work.

Amie Plumley said...

It's so nice to hear how cooking in school influenced you. I remember making donuts in kindergarten. I need to figure out how to do that.

Thanks for the recipe book idea - I love how the bear is the "chef."

youthlarge said...

So weird! I was just about to email you to let you know you were in my dream last night, and you were making donuts, experimenting with donut hole flavors! the mocha came out great, but there was one with red frosting that you were not happy with.