Snowman for Every Story - a Tutorial

I designed this simple snowman face for a Sew Me a Story event at my school. It turned out so cute and everyone loved it.
The beauty of this project is that it can easily go with any snowman themed story and is open to interpretation-something I always love.

So, gather up your favorite snowman stories, some batting and a few other materials, and get ready to create!

Materials needed:
You can make this project with foam sheets, plastic needles and lacing strings like I did for toddlers, or use felt, craft thread chenille needles if sewing with older kids.
*medium-loft batting (this weight is still easy to sew through and allows the face to keep its shape for hanging)
*foam sheets or felt squares in a variety of colors
*hole punch if using foam
*sewing supplies: plastic needles and lacing string or chenille needles and craft thread
*8-inch plate or circle for pattern

Step 1: Trace the 8-inch plate or circle onto the batting and cut out. You need 1 circle for each snowman face.

Step 2: Cut out fun hats, mouths, noses, and eyes from the foam or felt. If using foam, punch at least 2 holes in each shape.

Step 3: Tie a knot onto the end of your string and begin to sew on the face shapes.

Step 4: You can keep using the same string to sew on the face, just move the string and needle around the back. When you are finished, knot off. Use the extra string to make a hanger on the top of the hat.

Now, all we need is snow....

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