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I am over the moon to be included in Carrie Bloomston's new Dreamer Fabric Blog Party! Her new collection is so beautiful and is instantly inspiring.

Dreamer speaks to kids with its playfulness and warm colors. When the package of fabric arrived, my daughter Phoebe immediately began to play with it and quickly made a beautiful fabric journal for a close friend.

The color palette reminded us of the amazing sunsets we saw during our summer vacation to Dauphin Island. Playing on a quilt I designed for the upcoming Sewing School Quilts and tested out in Sewing Camp this summer, Phoebe and I worked together to showcase the beautiful colors of the sun setting on the sea.

The top is finished as a simple flip and turn quilt, which is perfect for beginning quilters.  The rectangular patchwork allows young quilters to play with color and design. There is no right or wrong.

Hand-quilted with long running stitches, the colors of the sunset really pop and the give the quilt amazing texture.

Find out more about DREAMER, enter the giveaway, and find inspiration with the blog party at Carrie's site. 

Make your own Sunset Quilt

Materials Needed: A variety of fabrics from the Dreamer collection (This would be a perfect project for a fat quarter bundle), 1 yard backing fabric, batting, hand sewing needle and threads in various colors of the sunset

Cut the fabric: All blocks are 7 inches wide and have 7 different lengths.  Make a chart like the one below to help keep track of what fabrics you have cut. You will create 5 columns of 4 blocks each.

14 inches long
11 inches long
9 inches long
7 inches long
5 inches long
dark sky

purples and pinks

oranges and yellows

light blue

Make the Quilt Top: Lay out the blocks. This part takes some time, but have fun with the color combinations and possibilities. We played around with the design for some time and ended up with a big yellow sun in the middle.

Sew the blocks in each column together. Then, sew the columns together. The bottom of the quilt may not be even. That's OK, just even it up.

Follow these directions for a simple flip and turn quilt. You can also finish it with a traditional binding.

Hand-quilt with large running stitches across the columns mimicking the colors of the sunset.

Find a perfect spot for watching the sunset and dream!

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