Sewing School 2 in French!

Bonjour!  Welcome to L'école de couture aka Sewing School 2.  We are pleased to announce a French version of the book published by Eyrolles.  How fun to think of little French sewers learning with Sewing School!

My daughter was thrilled to see her thought bubble in French!  "I didn't know I could think in French!"

The book stays true to the original including the binding and full-sized patterns.  Of course, all of the measurements are in metric units.

I was thinking about how English speaking children who want to learn French would benefit from L'école de couture.  The simple text and step-by-step directions are perfect for practicing a new language while crafting!

To find out more, visit the L'ecole de couture site.  Click on the "extraits" tab for page samples.  It's also fun to follow Eyrolles on FaceBook and Instagram.  C'est trés bon!

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