Sewing at the Garden

 This week, I had the opportunity to sew with the kids at the Carpenter Art Garden here in Memphis.  What a wonderful organization that really connects kids to art, nature, gardening, and culture.  I decided to make a felt version of the Just Right Pouch from Sewing School.
 I precut the fabric and threaded a bunch of needles so that the kids could sit down and begin to sew!  If you are interested in taking a sewing project to a group like this, my advice it to be VERY prepared.  Have everything ready to go so that you can spend time helping the kids sew, not getting materials ready.  Also, a simple, yet practical project like the pouch appeals to everyone.  
The scene at the Art Garden.  There were 6 craft tables going on, bikes being repaired, snacks passed out, and tutoring going on while I was there.  My two children (ages 8 & 11) helped out and I also recruited a teenage volunteer to help with the sewing.
The kids were excited to sew!  We had many first-time sewers join in, but many were experienced and so happy to make something.
 Many kids talked about learning to sew from their grandmothers and mothers.   
This young man sat by me all afternoon making pouch after pouch.  His mother taught him how to sew, and he was busy making pouches for the entire family!  I hope to visit the Carpenter Art Garden again and keep them sewing.


Pip and Lolly said...
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Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing. are the buttons decoration or functional?

Amie Plumley said...

In the top picture, the top button works, but the bottom 2 are just for decoration. That was the sewer's personal touch! The pouch closes with a single button.