Little Aprons

 We started off our new preschool "Sew Me a Story" series by making these cute aprons with pockets.
Our inspiration was Eric Carle's My Apron.  I found this gem in the public library and was immediately inspired to sew an apron.  After reading the book, we discussed ways that they might use an apron.  Cooking?  Gardening?   Building?
I prepped the burlap aprons for these 3-5 year olds by machine sewing on about 18 inches of ribbon on each side.  I also cut out pockets in various sizes and colors of burlap.  They loved choosing the perfect pocket to sew onto their apron!
 Using plastic needles and lacing strings, the kids carefully stitched on the pockets.
 I was surprised by how many kids just took off sewing!
 After stitching on their pockets, the kids drew paper objects to put into their apron.  There were lots of flowers and tools and even this dinosaur!
We enlisted several fourth graders to help us.  They were so sweet and it was great to see many of the kids we sewed with at this age, now teach sewing!
Everyone was so proud of their aprons and were excited to wear them home!

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