Fabric Collage Journals

 Last weekend I had fun stitching up Fabric Collage Journals with some friends at Carpenter Art Garden, an amazing non-profit here in Memphis.
 We brought in bright, fun fabric scrapes and the kids got to work designing their journals.  They used a bit of glue stick to keep the fabric in place until sewn down.
At the sewing machines, they followed the lines of the collage, often getting a little crazy with the stitches.  Most of them choose the zig-zag!
 It was a little tricky figuring out how to sew the fabric down and which direction to go.  The smaller journals were much easier to sew, especially in my small Janomes.
 The room was filled with patient adults waiting to assist and guide since most of the kids were first-time sewers.
Peek at the back of their journal cover!
Super cute, don't you think!?

The kids will be selling their journals at local crafts fairs this coming holiday season.  They will keep what they earn from the sales after donating one journal for the Art Garden to sell as a fundraiser.

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trixi symonds said...

The books look awesome, Amie!!