Patchwork Bookmarks

Everyone needs a bookmark!  These simple bookmarks are quick to stitch up and use up all those cute scraps you have laying around.  They are cousin to the Scrappy Bookmark, a no-sew project I like to make with kids.
 The beauty of this project is that it may be hand sewn or....
 ...machine sewn!
 Everyone started with 2-inches x 9-inches felt base.  I precut the felt backs, but kids can make them themselves.  Next, they searched through all the wonderful fabric scraps we have from projects past and began to make patchwork-like pattern on the felt.
When they found an image they loved, it was glued down with a little smear of glue stick so that it would stay in place.  When the felt based is covered, you can begin to sew down all the bits of fabric.
In Sewing Club, kids can begin to machine sew in second grade.  This project was a wonderful introduction to machine sewing for them.  You can sew a little crazy and just practice moving the machine.  I sat with the kids as they turned corners, played with stitches, and learned the various parts of the sewing machine.
Happy reading!

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