Apple Printed Fabric

 During Sewing Club we had fun creating our own fabric designs!  First, we watched this awesome Marimekko video of yards and yards of fabric being printed and talked about design on fabric.

Excited for fall, we decided to print our fabric with apples.  We also read a book about Johnny Appleseed and tasted a variety of apples.  Yum!

After all this inspiration, we were ready to design our fabric!
 The apples were cut into different shapes like halves, rounds, and quarters.
 Some kids used the apples like a paintbrush and made a picture...
 ...while others made a pattern.
 We used acrylic paint in the classic apple colors of red, yellow, and green.
 Yes, it got really, really messy!  So glad we used foam plates for the paint, and covered the table with a plastic tablecloth.  The paints got mixed and the apples were a mess, but everyone was happy.
The next week, we sewed with our one-of-a-kind apple fabric!  The kids were so excited to use their very own fabric to create a project.
 Everyone needs an apple bag!
This was my first time to print fabric with kids and I can't wait to try it again!

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trixi symonds said...

Love that the kids printed their own fabric to sew with.