Neck Pillows for Spring Break

 It's time for Spring Break down here in the South and that means a road trip!  Last year in Sewing Club we made these great Travel Pillows.  This year, I was inspired by this cutie by Misako Mimoko to make Cozy Neck Pillows.
 Phoebe made hers with a little Lambie face, that turned out so cute!
 Most kids just had enough time to make a basic pillow.  I used this pattern.  Soft fabrics like flannel were a must!  For the younger kids, I precut the pillow shape so that they could focus on handsewing the two sides together.  We also made our hole for stuffing on the top of the pillow - much easier for kids, I found.
They also make awesome headbands!

Happy Spring Break!  Here's hoping for warmer weather soon!

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audriellle said...

wow you guys are awesome. Such a great gift you are giving these children