Toddler Sewing: Thankful Bunting

 What a super fun time we had at Toddler Sewing this week!  Wish you could have joined us. Have no fear, here's some pictures to get you going and creating some Thankful Bunting with your little crew.

Before getting started, we read a few Thanksgiving themed books and talked about all the wonderful things big and small that we are thankful for.
 The full tutorial for making Thankful Bunting is here. Materials Needed:  card stock, crayons, silk leaves, ribbon about 3/8 inch wide, plastic needle, scissors, hole puncher.  Before starting, cut your card stock to about 8inch squares.  Punch holes along the top of the card stock squares.  Next, cut 2 slits into the silk leaves so that you can thread them.

Ok, let's get crafting!
 First, draw and color the card stock with things that you are thankful for.  Many families made individual flags for each family member. Some drew handprints which was quite cute.

 Crafting together!  This was totally a parent and child activity.  I love how everyone got involved and had fun.
 After the flags are drawn, it's time to sew it all together.  Little ones do so well with plastic needles to help guide through small holes.
 Let children find the holes and then "pull, pull, pull" the ribbon through.
Thanksgiving memories being made!  This week, we had a great group filled with grandparents, uncles, babysitters, and moms.  The kids were so proud of their accomplishments and had fun learning a new skill.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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