Thankful Bunting

You'll want to make this quick and sweet bunting for the Thanksgiving season.  It makes me so happy!  This is the perfect addition to your mantle or doorway and can be made with a package of those fall silk leaves that are so easy to find right now and materials you have around the house.
It was a family crafting session at my house this weekend.  Look, the project is Dad approved!  Everyone drew on a square of card stock something they were thankful for.  We had a nice little chat as a family and came to the conclusion that we are very blessed indeed.
Next, it's time to string it all together.  I used skinny ribbon (3/8 inch wide) but yarn or wider ribbon would do here too.  This is a good project for a plastic needle, but any wide-eyed needle will do.

To sew the leaves, I cut little slits in them, however, if you were using a sharp chenille needle, you could sew right through the leaves.
Holes were punched into the card stock for easy threading.  Yes, fabric or other materials would work well here.  Like all Sewing School projects, the possibilities are endless!
Hanging on our mantle.  I am so pleased with this little project and know that it will be a memory maker for our family for years to come. 

I am making these as part of a Toddler Sewing Club at my school this week, so I'll be back to show you results from that.  Sewing with 2's and 3's is always an adventure!


Cassi said...

I love that thankfulness can be expressed in drawings as well as words! I'll be sharing this on The Crafty Crow soon :)

Amie Plumley said...

Yay Cassi! Glad tou like the project.