Sewing Club Gives Back

 It has become a wonderful tradition to make a gift for others during our last Sewing Club session.  This year, we worked in pairs to make these sweet Scrap Fabric Crosses.  They will be given to the Grace-St. Luke's Episcopal Church's pastoral care and passed on to individuals who are in need of some TLC.
 The kids were paired up in multi-aged groups and had fun working together to make these special crosses.
They are so simple, yet satisfying to make.  Plus, they are a perfect way to use up scraps!  We pre-made the crosses with sticks for the kids.  A full tutorial may be found here.
Once complete, the pairs worked together to write a quick note to attach to the cross.
 I love the concentration and care that went into each cross and card.
I can't believe that the first session of Sewing Club is already finished!  We are already thinking of fun ideas for our next session which begins in January.

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