Sewing Machine for Kids Buyer's Guide

If a sewing machine is on your child's wish list, I have a few tips on purchasing a machine that will get them started.

Whatever you do, please, please don't purchase a "toy" machine.  That will lead to frustration and sadness.  I recently saw this one that is "threadless."  It reminds me of a story Andria tells about having a sewing machine that used glue instead of thread when she was little.  Fun, but ultimately a disappointment.

The main feature that I look for when purchasing machines for kids is a drop-in bobbin.  I have found that this makes sewing soooooo much easier for kids. 

You know I love the Janome Sew Mini (don't pay more than $50, it often goes on sale at Hancocks!), bur I realize that it's not the ideal machine for everyone.  It's a good starter machine, but if your child is older or you would like to sew on it as well, purchase a full-sized machine. 

Happy gift giving!

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