Second Grade Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from my second grade class!  We had a lovely "Day of Thanksgiving" that I wanted to share with you.

Of course, we made yummy Oreo turkeys!  The kids joked about "eating the whole turkey" all day long.
 Making Thanksgiving Story Bracelets was a big hit.  They loved how each bead represented a part of the story and talked about how maybe they could write similar stories for Christmas.  I'm hoping they do!
 The kids were so super excited to make Woven Placemats.  
Since they are old enough, they followed along while I guided them through measuring, cutting, and weaving.
 I cut out the strips, but they did the rest and were so proud of it!  The placemats stayed on their desks all week.
 Currently, we are working on counting up to make change.  This wonderful Thanksgiving Feast activity was perfect!  I tweaked it a bit to fit my needs.
Hope your Thanksgiving is full of friendship and fun too!


Johanna said...

I'm here to ask a question about your book Sewing School. Is there a list anywhere of basic supplies needed to do most of the projects? I am wanting to make up a sewing kit with the book as a Christmas gift with that book and wondered if there was a comprehensive list anywhere! Thank you!

Amie Plumley said...

Hi Johanna! I just posted about this on the blog. Also, there is a list on the side bar called "In the Child's Sewing Basket."

Thanks for giving the gift of Sewing School! Hope your little sewer enjoys it!