Coffee Cozy for Dad

Thinking of a good project to sew for Dads is always a challenge.  This year, we happened upon That Artist Woman's post and jumped on it!  These felt coffee cozies are a quick and fun project that we  hope our Dads will love and use often.

Our pattern is a standard paper coffee cozy that you can pick up at any coffee shop.   Just open up the paper to make a long strip.  Trace the cozy onto felt with chalk and cut out the felt shape.

Now the fun begins!  Write what you want your cozy to say onto the felt with chalk.  The chalk lines will help the kids while sewing.  I taught the kids how to make a backstitch, although most chose to make very tight running stitches.
My Dad is #1!  No, my Dad is #1!
Using a satin stitch to fill in the heart.
Calling Dr. Dad...
To close up the cozy, overlap the edges about 1/2 inch and sew close with a running stitch.

We packaged the cozies with a paper coffee cup filled with a sweet note.

Happy Father's Day, Dads! 

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