Bring Your Stuffie to Camp Day

On the second day of Sewing Camp, the kids brought their favorite stuffed animals and dolls with them.  The idea was to sew them things like clothing, sleeping bags, little bags, and blankets.   Very few patterns were used, it was more of a D-I-Y day at camp.  

The cute trio above was worked on all day and then a wedding ceremony occurred at the end of camp!  Yes, that adorable monkey suit was handmade by its owner!
Even the newest of sewers had fun designing clothing for their stuffies.  Love this penguin coat!  Simply made, this sewer also learned how to sew on a button!

Being the designer was very cool!  This piggy shirt went through a few drafts before it fit, but that's part of the process:  learning about seam allowance, new stitches, and making something yourself.
Of course many girls made the "My Doll's Very Own Skirt" from Sewing School.  This simple pattern introduces kids to clothing making and is open ended so that the sewer may put its own mark on it.  Many kids made several outfits for their dolls.
The last step - give your doll a hug!
And of course those who chose not bring something from home, had fun creating their own stuffies.  Some used Sewing School patterns, but others created their own.

I'm sure many kids will continue to sew for their favorite lovies long after camp is done!

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