Wish List: Toddler Sewing

For the past few years, I've gotten really into the notion of toddler sewing.  By getting the youngest children exposed to the fine motor and creative aspects of sewing, they will be ready for sharp needles and craft thread when the time comes.   Here are some gift ideas for these budding sewers!

If you have a young child in your life, give the gift of sewing!  A lacing set is a perfect beginning.  I got all excited about these beautiful wooden lacing sets.  While I have not used them personally, they appear to be just what a toddler sewing needs!  I like the wooden "needle."

If you want to go beyond the lacing set, make your own Toddler Sewing Kit.  I made this one for my son a few years ago, and it still gets used.  We have changed out some of the materials as he has grown, but he loves having his own kit!

You can also use some of the ideas from my Toddler Sewing Club to make little project kits.  They are perfect for 2-3 with parent support and can be more independent from older kids.

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