Holiday Stitch-N-Snack

The Holiday Stitch-N-Snack workshop at Sew Memphis was a huge success!  The kids had so much fun and made some super cute ornaments.  This will sure to be a new holiday tradition!

Here are some highlights as well as peek into the organization we used in case you want to host your own Stitch-N-Snack!
To begin, we had the kids decorate paper bags to put their ornaments in as they made them.  Then, Mrs. Shannon read Gingerbread Friends to get us into the mood.
I went over the various ornaments and ideas.  We had one supply table set up with an assortment of patterns, felt, fabric, buttons, ribbons, and needles and thread.  Scissors and chalk were spread out on the tables.  All of the fabric and felt was cut into ornament sized pieces.
 Let the creating begin! Love this pom pom covered tree.
 Some parents stayed to sew with their kids.  They had fun designing the ornaments together.
 A felt string of lights!  So easy and cute.  All you do is cut out felt "lights" and then string them on a piece of craft thread.
 This gingerbread girl turned out so cute!  The hair!
 Gingerbread friends!  No two are the same.
And don't forget decorating (and eating) the cookies!  Mrs. Shannon had button candies as well as an assortment of icings and goodies to dress up our gingerbread friend cookies.  The kids rotated through the cookie decorating table. 

Oh what fun!

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