Sewing School for the Holidays

Looking for some quick and fun holiday projects to do with your kids during the holiday break?!  Sewing School is filled with projects that can be easily adapted into ornaments, gifts, and wrapping.  Your kids will be like little elves and everyone will have a Holly Jolly Christmas!
Mini Stuffie (found in Sewing School) ornaments are the best!  Just cut your muslin down to a 4x4 square and let the kids create!  While the example was left as a square, the ornament can take on any shape you wish.  Add a ribbon hook at the top and you have a one-of-a-kind ornament! 
The Cookie Coin Saver (Sewing School 2) becomes an adorable cookie ornament by stuffing the opening and adding a ribbon hook.  The possibilities are endless!
Workman's Homemade Holiday 101 features our ideas for creative and quick gift wrapping using fabric and projects from our books. 
Check out Storey's Fresh Picks for great deals on ebooks including Sewing School 2.  It's only a mere $2.99 through the month of December!

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