Sewing School Show and Tell

I love getting fun emails from Sewing School readers across the globe.  I had to share this one from 7 year old Katherine and her mom.  The Dad shirt turned My Favorite Skirt is genius!
"Thank you for publishing such a fabulous book! My 7-year-old spent most of the summer with it, and loved each project. She gained skills and confidence and had so much fun! I love that she can read and interpret the instructions herself - the writing is so perfect for that age. We're hoping to bring the book into her classroom (mixed age 1st-3rd grade) this year."
"She also made the glasses case and the hat, and I made myself the iPhone pouch (none of those are pictured). Many of the things are made out of my husband's old dress shirts - which works so nicely on the skirts - they have buttons up the front!"
"I told her that she has to finish Sewing School before she can get Sewing School 2 - I think that will happen sooner rather than later!"

"P.S. We purchased your book at the wonderful independent Porter Square Books in Cambridge, MA."

If you have a show and tell - please email me or post on our Facebook page.  I'd love to feature you on the blog.


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