Bookmarks Three Ways

Sewing Club members had fun stitching up different kinds of bookmarks.  Many kids put them to use right away!
The first, no-sew bookmark was a ribbon paperclip.  While very simple and satisfying, it also helped kids practice those all-important knot tying skills.  These are pretty self-explanatory, but for an entertaining tutorial, check out the one on Sew-Crafty Kids.  You can also sew a little shape to the paperclip, but it's kinda tricky for little hands.

The basic, fabric bookmark was quite popular as well.  We made a pattern using cardstock (8.5 x 2 inches).  Trace the pattern onto fabric twice, and sew the pieces together.  Great for beginning sewing skills.  Plus, there are so many opportunities to "make it yours."
If using felt, you can get away with just one piece of fabric, but the double thickness really gives the bookmark some weight so it sticks up on the top of your book.

The third variation was the ribbon bookmark.  Here, you cut ribbon about 12 inches long and then sew a little felt shape onto each end.  Easy, quick, and fun to customize.
Once again, everyone was able to complete a project (or two!) in our hour time frame.  Happy sewers are key to a successful sewing club!

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