In the Child's Sewing Basket

I have been meaning to finish up the list of sewing supplies that I think kids need when sewing.

I have already talked at length about the needles, thread, and fabric that I recommend. There are just a few other things needed for the perfect sewing experience.
*scissors - I like Fiskars for Kids. Label them for sewing only so they will cut fabric easier.
*chalk and pencil- a variety of colors of chalk for tracing patterns and marking fabric.
*pin cushion and pins - choose pins that have a big head on them for little hands to grasp. You might want a few safety pins as well for threading ribbons through casings and holding things together better.
*ruler - while it doesn't fit in this cute little sewing box, it's handy to have around.

I think that's about it for basic sewing tools. There are lots of other materials needed such as stuffing (I use poly-fill), buttons, and ribbon and trims. Happy Sewing!


Explorer Bear said...

I am a fourth grade teacher in Massachusetts. This summer I am teaching a sewing class to entering third-fifth graders. They are making small simple stuffed animals. I love all the great ideas on your blog. I taught this same craft class last year, but have eliminated a lot of frustration after reading your tips.

About the sewing box, if you have a Dollar Tree near you, I just got the cutest little sewing kits for everyone complete with spools of thread, needles, pins, a ruler, and mini scissors all in a cute case for $1.

Amie Plumley said...

Thanks! Glad our tips are useful to you. Would love to see your students' creations! xoxo

jenny_lisk said...

Hi! I have a question about the chalk. Do you suggest regular old blackboard chalk, or some fancy type of chalk especially for sewing? I have had the worst luck with all the various chalk pencils and such found at fabric stores. I just spotted dustless blackboard chalk at amazon and wonder if that would be the way to go?

Amie Plumley said...

Hey Jenny - we use just regular chalkboard chalk. It works great! If you can find yellow or colored chalk that sometimes works better for different colored fabrics. No need to get all fancy with it!

jenny_lisk said...

thanks Amie!