Etc. Backpack Workshop

The Etc. Backpack workshop at Sew Memphis this past weekend was a big success!  This is a perfect back to school project featured in Sewing School 2:  Lessons in Machine Sewing.  I designed the backpack when Phoebe began 1st grade and needed a PE bag that was easy to carry and could be machine washed.

Everyone had so much fun stitching up their one-of-a-kind drawstring backpacks.  A few young sewers had parent support, while the older ones were able to make the project on independently.
 Toting her own machine!
Adding a monkey pocket!  For this little guy (5 years), we scaled the pattern down slightly for a better fit.
The original Etc. Backpack model and a friend showed up to make new ones for back to school!


guidance counselor lesson plans said...

Nice work here. I am going to start doing a similar craft project with my students. Do you mind if I use this idea?

Amie Plumley said...

Yes! Please sew up some Etc. Backpacks with your students. They will love it!