Toddler Sewing Club: Sunglasses Case

Fun was had making cute sunglasses holders at Toddler Sewing Club!  Sewing with 2's & 3's, I wanted to keep with my kid sewing philosophy:  make something useful, and let kids add their own creativity to the project.
The pattern is the Eye-See-You Case from Sewing School.  Using foam sheets, the glasses cases were prepped before the kids sewed.  I cut out the pattern and punched holes around two of the cases at a time.  This way, all the holes matched up.  Next, I tied a lacing string around the top hole and added a plastic needle.
The kids loved sewing the cases.  Everyone had a parent on hand to help out, but the kids really did a great job by themselves!  Once the case was sewn, the lacing string was tied off and trimmed.
Fun was had decorating the cases with foamies and stickers.  Those foam stickers require some fine motor skills to get the backing off!  Of course, everyone got a chose a pair of star-shaped sunglasses to put into their case. 

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