4 Eggcellent Experiments

 To kick off our unit about eggs, my class had fun with "Eggcellent" experiments.
 Experiment #1:  Rubber Egg (also called a Naked Egg)

Find out what happens when you soak a raw egg in vinegar for a few days.  Ours broke open to reveal a yolk that felt like jelly.  Ewwwww!!!!

 Experiment #2:  Strong Egg

This was a favorite.  Hold a raw egg in your hand and squeeze from end to end as hard as you can.  It won't break!  Really, it won't!

 Experiment #3:   Egg in a Bottle

This one involves a peeled, hard boiled egg being sucked into a bottle.  How does it happen?!

 Experiment #4:  Spinning Egg

Just by spinning an egg, you can tell if it's hard boiled or raw.

 We recorded our findings in a little book.

Even our principal stopped by to join in the fun.  He wanted to test the strength of eggs using the cone.  He cracked the egg!

I found several more "eggcellent" experiments here if you want to try them too.

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