Sock Bunnies

 Looking for a quick, last-minute Easter project?  This is it!  These sock bunnies come together in no-time and are so fun to make.

We used little girl toddler socks, but any sock will do.  Cut down the top of the sock down where it goes around the ankle to make the ears.  Now, stuff the sock and secure the top with 1/2 a pipe cleaner (or ribbon or twisty tie).  Decorate your bunny with various craft materials, ribbons, markers, etc. and see what personality your bunny takes on! 
 We used hot glue to attach the embellishments, but you can sew them on too.

 Maybe your bunny needs a little carrot so it won't get hungry?
I also love the sewn sock bunnies over at Kleas - will have to try that one next year!

Wishing you a Hippity, Hoppity Easter!

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