Waiting for the Tooth Fairy

Phoebe has her first wiggly tooth!  Last weekend as I piddled in my craft room, she wandered in to make a tooth fairy pillow.  It has a little pocket just right for holding a tooth, and then some "cash money" that the magical fairy is sure to leave her. 

As she sewed, Phoebe pondered the many uses of pillows.  "There are pillows for the tooth fairy, pillows to put pins in, and pillows to sleep with."

I still can't believe she's old enough to loose teeth.  By the way, what's the going price of a tooth these days?!


Steven said...

I love Tooth Fairy pillows.

Signed - The Tooth Fairy


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Conny said...

When you find out the going rate, please let me know. My son has his first wiggler, at least I hope it comes out without too much effort. He proclaimed that he didn't want to give up his baby tooth ~ and I then asked him, "well, what about the tooth fairy?" to which he answered, "Oh yeah, money." Sheesh.

Good luck ~ maybe this will be the weekend she loses the tooth. :)

Anonymous said...

My kiddo is not old enough, but the word on the street from my friend with a 6v and 10 year old is $1 per tooth. HTH!