Paper Egg

My kindergarten class and their 3rd grade buddies had so much fun making these little paper eggs yesterday, I just had to share.

The original inspiration came from here, but I set out to make it a little simpler to make in a classroom with 30 kids at one time.
First, we copied an egg pattern onto the left side of a piece of card stock.  The kids cut out just the egg.  We showed them how to give the egg a little fold, make a small slit, and then cut out the egg.  Tape helped to repair those that got a little off track!

Next, fold the paper in half, so that the cut out egg is over the other half of the paper, making a little window.
Now comes the fun part!  Gather together a bunch of paper.  We used bits of construction paper, scrapbooking paper, and even pretty magazine pages.  The kids can cut them into strips, chunks, whatever they want.
The kids had so much fun creating their designs.  As they glued on their paper, they could fold over the egg window periodically to check to see how their egg was looking.

Once the design was complete, put glue all around the cut out egg window.  Fold over and press down.  If any paper strips stick out, just trim them.
Each one was different!  We encouraged the kids to write a little message on the back of the eggs to give to parents and grandparents.  Then, we punched a hole a the top and added a pretty ribbon for hanging.
 I even brought home the supplies so that my kids can make them for relatives - such a sweet card!

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