Toddler Valentine Sewing

My Sewing Club co-teachers and I hosted another Toddler Sewing Club for Valentine's Day today at school.  The little "Pocket Full of Love" project turned out so, so cute!  The sewn paper heart pockets are filled with a pretty heart - just right for giving.
At this "Mommy and Me" event, we had a little over a dozen kids kids from 21 months - 4 years.  I was so pleased that the project was doable for every age level.
To begin, Katie read a sweet Valentine book and then I explained the project.  Then, we got to sewing! 
Make a Pocket Full of Love too!

Pre-cut 2 pieces of cardstock into a heart shape.  They need to match.  Paper clip the hearts together at the top and bottom and then punch holes all around the bottom portion, leaving the top of the heart open.  Leave the paper clips on the heart.  This way, it won't get messed up while sewing. (If you are doing this project with older kids, they may be able to do this part by themselves.)

Time to sew!  Tie the end of a lacing yarn (you can use a piece of yarn) onto a top hole.  We used plastic needles so they kids feel like they are really sewing.  The tipped lacing yarn is great because it fits into the needle, but doesn't come out easily - perfect for beginning sewing!  Some kids needed help going from hole to hole, but most were independent.  When finished sewing, tie off the loose end an cut off any extra yarn.
Color and decorate the heart.
The pocket is just right for slipping in a little paper heart, candy, or sweet nothing.
One mom discovered that you could use the loose end of string to make a handle!

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