Stitching Hearts

Sewing Club was full of L-O-V-E this week. 

One of our goals this semester is to come up with projects that are doable in an hour for most kids.  We are also working on making sure we're organized and ready when the 55 kids hit us.  At the same time, we want to make sure the kids will have some freedom to create and put their spin on things.  A big charge, but so far, it's going well.
For this project, we decided to make a felt heart.  You can stuff it, turn it into a bag, or use it as a Valentine holder.  I found a pack of large, foam hearts at the craft store that was a perfect pattern.  We cut the felt into squares slightly larger than the heart pattern.  It was super easy for the kids to get their materials and start to work.
The kids LOVE embellishments, so Valentine-themed foamies, cute ribbon, and fabric markers were put to use.
These kindergarteners all felt so successful and had so much fun stitching up their hearts!  Perfect project for a party or get together if you're looking for one.

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