Skirt Workshop...for Adults!

I did it - I finally taught an adult skirt sewing class at Sew Memphis. Wow - it's really different teaching adults but tons of fun. I called my class "My Favorite A-Line Skirt" because it is!

A first skirt made!  It's based on New Look 6843.  I re-wrote the directions in a handy little booklet that fits right into the pattern envelope.
The beauty of this skirt is that you can change it up and make the same skirt a million different ways.

Many of the participants picked out fabric for their next project!

I'm hoping to teach the class again, so if you live in Memphis, stay tuned!


Cindy said...

Would it be possible for those of us not in Memphis area to buy the new directions from you so we could successfully sew a skirt too?

Amie Plumley said...

I can share! Cindy - email me your mailing address at