Sewing Dolls

The theme in Sewing Club last week was Dolls & Stuffed Animals.  While we gave the kids patterns to use like the Your Little Friend from Sewing School and Holly's Skelly Man, many kids made original creations.  Everyone got creative and had fun.  Since we have kids from grades kindergarten - 4th in Sewing Club, I thought you might like to see the range of abilities and ideas.
original bear, 3rd grade

plaid man, 4th grade
my first bear!, kindergarten

this bear likes plaid, 4th grade

happy puppet, 1st grade

scary guy, 2nd grade

red doll, 2nd grade


kristin said...

ok, these are ALL wonderful, but can I just say how much i love PLAID MAN!!

Amie Plumley said...

I am so with you Kristin - Plaid Man is amazing! The detail blows me away!