We Love Justin!

Justin Fox Burks that is, our awesome Sewing School photographer.

He stopped by camp to get a few shots for the machine sewing book and his energy and enthusiasm got us all going. He knows just how to get that perfect look and is so patient with the kids. They really do love him!

Working with Justin is fun for me too - we talk about cooking, Top Chef, and our various other activities between shots. You see, Justin is the voice behind The Chubby Vegetarian and just wrote his own cookbook with his lovely wife. Not only can he photograph food, he can cook it too!

I can't wait for you to see what he "cooked up" for the newest Sewing School book! So, so cute!


Angela Fitzmorris said...

I do believe that looks like the house that held the library on the first floor and admin offices on the second floor, when I was a student at GSL in the early 80s. Such a neat campus. Will have to visit on my next trip to Memphis.

Amie Plumley said...

Angela, you are correct! That house is now just the administration building, but at one time it was the library. I hope you stop by and say Hi next time you're in Memphis - we love to see alums!