Sewing Frame

Eric saved this old wooden frame from the trash. We aren't sure what it is - maybe a fireplace screen? At any rate, it inspired some kid sewing. Like the tapestry table, but upright and will stay in the frame. First, the campers painted (and painted) it using acrylic paint we had on hand. I staple gunned in some muslin and we were in business.

Then the sewing began! And not only sewing, but collaboration. The conversation over by the sewing frame was very lively and fun. Needles were passed back and forth and the kids worked together to make words, pictures, and designs. It's not quite finished and will become part of Sewing Club next year. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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Sergey Tarasov said...

I appreciate this idea try to develop in the children to have an interest in sewing. For sure, what they have learned, they can use it in the future.